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They are cheap labour in the sweat shops of Paris. In the banlieues, there is a 40 per cent unemployment rate among Arabic youth. It is Article 1, Section 11:”Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful

I personally have found many abandoned snares while out hiking and hunting. They sit out there until something has the misfortune of walking into them, which all too often ends up being non targe wildlife or pets. If you don’t drink cheap booze, why would you cook with it? For

Then Uber slashed fares for passengers in January. It seems like a great deal for New Yorkers to get dirt cheap rides around the city, but for me it meant that I was making less money for each ride I did. Uber continued to take its commission, and my leasing

College’s holding prospect camps or clinics are better than going to camps like champ camp, Tri state, Umass etc. 100+ HS and travel teams on 15 to 30 different fields or locations. Who knows who is watching whom during these big venues. First, we wanted to see what Cheapsters thought

I was soon speaking with Ralph, the Charter Service Technician and when I told him of my suspicions he asked to examine the cable box on the side of the house. I had never touched this box and it had never been included in the Lester network of spliced cables