I’m frequently asked about trails around Vedauwoo. People who want to add a hike to their picnic and venture beyond the well known Turtle Rock and Box Canyon trails want to know where else they can safely go. There are many trails leading to interesting sites but none are marked,

“Indians are a lot more used to seeing misery, which has hardened us a lot,” points out Richa Arora, vice president strategic planning, FCB Ulka. “So coping with pain is a more personal experience for us. Also, we do not see national disasters as national disasters.” For instance, in terms

[Drum roll please]??? DON’T stick with the one bank, especially not the one that has shamelessly marketed to them through school banking and Dollarmites. My six year old recently came home with a story about a nice man from a bank who’d come to explain money to his Year 1

The exceptions to this practice might occur, particularly with investigative pieces, when a subject who is crucial to a story will not agree to be interviewed. Every effort should be made to persuade the person to participate. If such repeated efforts at persuasion are unsuccessful, it may as a last

The subsidies that you say are horrible: You have changed from a direct subsidy that actually provided meaningful access to health care to on the cheap tax credits that don’t do the job. But that’s an entitlement you say you’re against. The mandate: you decry the mandate, but what you’ve

I have 16 of my own grandchildren, and five children. So suffer the little children, and they will inherit the kingdom of heaven; they just can come unto the Senate while Harry stands in the door. (If what happens in Las Vegas is supposed to stay in Las Vegas, how

At under $600, the G6t is a damn cheap laptop, and that i3 processor will be fast enough to handle day to day stuff: Streaming Netflix, browsing while playing music and using Microsoft Office, etc. As I mentioned earlier, there are two big reasons to upgrade to the i5 processor

I answered his questions and it sounded promising. I told mom, “They in California, so it only 4:30 there.” I also told Victor, “It not good when someone calls looking to sell you something, but it is good if they call looking to buy something.” Vince ordered three DT1000 today.

There is darkness, there is also light. We have to take the good with the bad, and while I may not agree with a control board, this is a way to restructure our debt and move our country forward, said the governor. Could have stuck to my ideological and political

(2)A state agency flexes its muscle against Cemex. This time, it’s not a threat. It’s an order. That reality can’t be reconciled with the government’s user pay philosophy, not unless the Liberals want to follow Newfoundland’s lead and depopulate our coastal communities, says North Island MLA Clare Trevena, the New