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Director Message

Assalamualaikum WBT & Greetings.


UiTM Press’ strong presence, be it in the Malaysia academia community or the society at large, can no longer be denied.

Original scholarly literary works of supreme quality for publication worthy of nomination for academic publication awards are highly sought after and cannot be emphasized enough. Albeit the academic genre preference, UiTM Press also welcomes original literary works of general genre from established and aspiring authors across the globe.

Aside from the conventional prints and in sync with technology advancement and the government’s call for Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Press has taken a bold step by penetrating the global market with digital publications, with its e-books and audio books accessible by people around the world. It is a bold step because a previous survey done by UiTM Press on digital publications has indicated that people still like to hold the books in their hands and feel the touch of the papers as they flip the pages.

On that note, in its own small way, the Press is optimistic in becoming a force to be reckoned with in the publishing world, at the same time assisting UiTM to achieve its aspiration of being at par with its renowned counterparts.

We look forward to receive what you have penned down and share it with the world for them to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for diversity of knowledge. After all, UiTM Press is the gateway to unlimited knowledge.



Director of UiTM Press