Initially established as Text Preparatory Bureau (BIROTEKS) on 10th January 1981, the publication arm began its services very humbly-understaffed and with a total quantity of lower than 10 publication materials to process, as writing was not Institut Teknologi MARA’s forte at that time.

Over time, the bureau went through significant changes with the formation of the UiTM Consolidation Strategy, changing its name to Academic Publication Unit or as it is fondly remembered and called, UPENA (it’s a Malay acronym for Unit Penerbitan Akademik. Even today most UiTM staff still calls the press by this name!). It remained a unit for not more than five months when a former vice-chancellor gave a directive for the unit to be upgraded, from a unit to a centre. Albeit the change, UPENA remained as its name.

The objectives were to: encourage the UiTM academic fraternity to write scholarly materials as teaching and learning references at the institution; champion the Malay language as the language of knowledge; stimulate the publication of academic materials such as books, journals, proceedings, monographs and manual; particularly those which written by the institution’s academics. It was a prerequisite for the university’s academic staff to be considered for a promotion, as writing was not a popular practice amongst them- a method to instil a love for spreading knowledge; now it has become a widespread culture across the university’s nationwide campuses.

Following this, UiTM Executive Committee No. 21/2011 has agreed that effective 15th November 2011, the University Publication Centre is to be renamed UiTM Press, publishing intellectual and creative ideas of Universiti Teknologi MARA’s staff, be them academic or non-academic, to share and disseminate knowledge throughout the university and the society at large. The press is responsible to encourage and assist the UiTM community to be active in academic authorship, by providing support and consultancy as well as selling all of its publications through its editorial, administrative and sales and marketing units.

Today, UiTM Press also publishes books of the general genre without losing its scholarly elements to cater for all readers out there. This is because the publication arm no longer focuses on producing textbooks for UiTM students alone, but also for students of other institutions of higher learning and for the society at large. Other than the UiTM fraternity, the Press also welcomes anyone from anywhere to unleash their writing prowess and publish their literary works.

To date, UiTM Press has published over 1000 thousand titles, with few having won prestigious local academic publication awards. This is the fruits of labour under the leadership of its charismatic directors, from then to now, as listed below:

Previous Directors

Datin Azizah Mokhzani 1 Jan 1981 – 31 Dec 1985
Assoc Prof. Mohd Raqib Ghani 1 Jan 1986 – 31 Aug 1989
Yunus Mohd Yusof 1 Sept 1989 – 31 Oct 1991
Dr. Katni Kamsono Kibat 15 Oct 1991 – 31 Oct 1993
Prof. Dr. Norkhomar Hj. Ishak 1 Jan 1994 – 31 Jan 1998
Datin Zairon Othman 1 Feb 1998 – 28 Feb 1999
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hjh. Firdaus Ahmad Azzam 1 Mar 1999 – 15 Jul 2001
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Rasid Hussin 15 Jul 2001 – 5 Aug 2003
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shireen Haron 16 Aug 2003 – 31 Jul 2007
Assoc. Prof. Md Arris Haji Abu Yamin 1 Aug 2007 – 16 Jun 2008
Assoc. Prof. Hajah Hamidah Junid 17 Jun 2008 – 31 Dec 2010
Prof. Datin Dr. Hajibah Osman 1 Jan 2011 – 15 Jul 2015
Assoc. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hj Hilmi Abdul Rahman 1 Dec 2016 – 31 Jul 2019
Prof. Dr. Norzaidi Hj. Mohd Daud 1 Aug 2019 – 31 Jul 2021
Prof. Dr. Hj. Ghazali Hj. Daimin  1 Oct 2021 – 16 May 2023
Prof. Sr Ts. Dr. Zulhabri Ismail 15 Aug 2023 - Present

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